Katie Bradley 

Plymouth Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts

Age: 16     Height: 150cms    Weight: -44kgs

Grade:      2nd Dan

School:     Plymouth High School for Girls


2013 Dutch Open A-Class Champion

2013 Belgian Open A-Class Champion

Junior Female Advanced -44kgs


Club:            South Hams Taekwondo

Instructor:     Master David Desforges

Coach:          Dave Desforges


Katie Bradley's Fundraising Dinner

6pm Wednesday 17th April 2013

PL1 Restaurant, City College, Kings Road, Plymouth


katie bradley taekwondo from south hams taekwondo plymouth 2013 belgian open champion junior female -44kgs

Belgian Open Champion

2013 Belgian Int'l A-class

6th April 2013

Katie Bradley 2013 Dutch Open Champion Junior Female -44kgs

Dutch Open Champion

2013 Dutch Int'l A-class

17th March 2013

Katie Bradley Taekwondo German Open Taekwondo 2013 Bronze Medallist

Bronze Medallist

2013 German Int'l A-class

10th March 2013


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“Thank you everyone!"


A massive thank you to everyone that supported my fundraising dinner, it was a really great night and I really enjoyed it.

BIG thanks to Katherine Endacott who was our guest speaker, it was really interesting to speak with her and find out her experiences.

Special thanks to Cllr Philippa Davey who helped us organised it and also helped keep things organised and running on the night, and thanks to her family who were also roped-in to help!


Look out for my next fundraiser coming up SOON!!

Curry & Quiz night :D



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Can't make it to the fundraising dinner but would like to help?

Please feel free to use the button below to make a donation of any size by debit/credit card - you don't need a paypal account.  Any donation of any size is very much appreciated and will be put to good use.  Thanks.

If you'd like to discuss anything more ongoing such as sponsorship etc. please either give Andy a call on 07907012364 or email with details and we will get in touch with you.


















Thanks to all the people and businesses that help me and support me in many ways! xx


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