Katie Bradley 

Plymouth Sport Taekwondo Martial Arts

Age: 16     Height: 150cms    Weight: -44kgs

Grade:      2nd Dan

School:     Plymouth High School for Girls


2011 British National Champion

Cadet Female Advanced -41kgs


Club:            South Hams Taekwondo

Instructor:     Master David Desforges

Coach:          Dave Desforges


Katie Bradley's Fundraising Dinner

6pm Wednesday 17th April 2013

PL1 Restaurant, City College, Kings Road, Plymouth


katie bradley taekwondo plymouth

katie bradley taekwondo plymouth

katie bradley south hams taekwondo plymouth

taekwondo martial arts is fun - ask katie bradley


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“Support Plymouth’s Sporting Legacy”


Katie's current funding and expected 2013 expenses



Katie received £1000 SportsAid in April 2012 which covered her attendance at International training camp in Korea in June 2012, and she received £400 from Team Plymouth in late 2012 which was used for Croatia International.

Katie may receive @£1000 SportsAid by April 2013 but there is no guarantee (a) she will get a grant and (b) the amount


Weekly Training Costs   £19 per week

Sport Therapy, Nutritional Support, Strength & Conditioning    

Currently provided free of charge at University of St Mark & St John (Marjons)

Great Britain Junior Development Camps, National Academy, Manchester

These camps are during most school holidays, with some weekend camps – total normally 8 per year

Av. Cost of Camp            £100

Travel Costs (Fuel)          £  90

TOTAL cost                      £190


TOTAL est. cost per annum          £190 * 8 = £1520


Great Britain Junior Invitational (Elite) Squad, National Academy, Manchester

These camps are every other Sunday except when they clash with International competitions – estimated 16+ per year

Av. Cost of Camp             £  0         (currently no charge, stc)

Travel Costs (Fuel)          £ 90

Hotel night before           £ 40        9am Sunday start requires 4am start from Plymouth

TOTAL cost                      £130      


TOTAL est. cost per annum          £130 * 16 = £2080


National Championships, Manchester

Entry Fee                             £50

Travel costs (Fuel)              £90

Hotel Costs                         £40        

TOTAL                                 £180


Attendance of International A-class competition;

Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, France, Croatia

Entry Fee                             £  55

Travel Costs (Fuel)             £  80       to airport

Travel Costs (Flights)         £120       (average)

Hotel Costs (2nights)         £100       (average)

TOTAL costs                       £355      


TOTAL est. cost per annum          £355 * 8 = £2840 + £250 GB


2013 Additionals

Additional UK competitions - £30-£40 entry & £50-£80+ fuel per competition 

2 week international training camp in South Korea, Summer 2013               £1200

Additional GBR Junior European Team training camps, Summer 2013*       £  400-£  600

Junior European Championships, Portugal to represent GBR, Sept 2013*    £1200-£1500


*if selected for GBR Junior Team









Thanks to all the people and businesses that help me and support me in many ways! xx


National Governing Body


Sports Therapy, Nutrition & Psychology



Professional photography by Scot Baston






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