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My name is Katie Bradley and I am 16 years old.  I go to Plymouth High School for Girls and am in my final GCSE year :-)  I will be starting my A-levels and PHSG in September so there's not escape yet!

I started training in WTF Olympic-style Taekwondo when I was 7 years old, along with my brother, for self defence.  I really enjoyed it and then I started to enter competitions and enjoyed it even now 9 years later I'm still training and competing and Taekwondo is pretty much my life!

I am currently a Junior and a member of the Great Britain Junior Development Squad.  This means I get to train at the National Academy in Manchester with the National coaches and support staff and other Juniors who are at a higher level like me.  We normally have 2 to 3 day training camps during most school holidays but that's great and I love it!  The only drag is the 600 mile round trip to Manchester which takes a lot of time and cost my dad a lot of money :(

I am also one of a few Juniors selected for the Great Britain Junior Invitational Squad - I guess you could say the "elite" squad which most people will understand better - its called "invitational" because you have to been invited.  This means now that I have to train at the National Academy almost every other Sunday except for when there are international competitions etc.  Because Manchester is a long trip for us we normally travel up on Saturday and stay overnight ready for the 9am start and I train all day Sunday and we drive back home about 6pm so its late when we get back to Plymouth, but at least I can sleep in the car while Dad drives! :) 

My long term dream is to represent GB and compete in the Olympics just like my idol and role model, current World Champion Sarah Stevenson MBE.  Right now, this year 2013, my goal is to work towards selections for the European 16-21's Championships in Muldova in April and the Junior European Championships in Portugal in September.  In 2014 there are the Junior World Championships.

Already in 2013 I have competed at the Swedish International A-class where I beat the 2012 Serbian Open Champion, who is now also the 2013 US Open Champion (we didn't go to US due to the high expenses).  I then almost beat the 2012 Junior European Silver Medallist, only losing out on sudden death golden point (she beat me 15-2 last time!) so while I was VERY disappointed not winning a medal and gutted for losing the match, I have to take all the positives out of that and use it for next time.

After that I went on to have my best performance ever inthe German Open A-class where I lost on golden point in the semi-finals but came away with a Bronze - I lost my first round match the last 2 years! 

After Germany was Holland where I had an amazing day which included beating the German Champion to come away with my first ever A-Class GOLD medal and Title!  That was followed a couple weeks later by another great day in Belgium where I won my second A-class GOLD medal and Title!  Finally, so far for this year, I competed at the Spanish A-class, made a silly mistake which lost me the semi-final so I came away with a second A-class Bronze medal for 2013. 

All the hard work was really worth it, with 4 A-class medals in a row.  Even better I got selected to represent Great Britian at the European Junior Championships in Portugal in September :D  So now, with all my Year 11 GCSE exams out of the way, I have a whole summer of hard work and training at the GB National Academy in Manchester to prepare for the championships.

If you or anyone you know might be willing to help by sponsoring me or something please get in touch with my dad and he will be very happy to talk with you :)

Katie xx

Here are some of my many photos :D

Katie Bradley Taekwondo


     My Results so far……


2012 Croatia Open Zagreb Junior -44kgs   not placed
2012 BT National Championships Manchester Junior -44kgs   Bronze
2012 NTC Open Championships Nottingham Junior -44kgs   GOLD
2012 Belgian Open Gent Junior -42kgs   Bronze
2012 Dutch Open Eindhoven Junior -42kgs   Silver
2012 German Open Hamburg Junior -42kgs   not placed
2012 Swedish Open Trelleborg Junior -42kgs   not placed
2011 French Open Paris Junior -44kgs   not placed
2011  NTC Open Championships Nottingham Junior -42kgs   Bronze
2011 Croatia Open Zagreb Junior -42kgs   Bronze
2011 British Open Manchester Junior -42kgs   Silver
2011 European Cadet Champ's Tbilisi Cadet -44kgs   not placed
2011 BTCB National Championships Manchester Junior -42kgs   Bronze
2011 BTCB National Championships Manchester Cadet -41kgs   GOLD
2011 Dutch Masters International   Junior -42kgs   GOLD
2011   Dutch Masters International Cadet -40kgs   GOLD
2011 Belgian Open Gent Junior -42kgs   not placed
2011 German Open Hamburg Junior -42kgs   not placed
2011 Dutch Open Eindhoven Junior -42kgs   Bronze
2011 Swedish Open Trelleborg Cadet -41kgs   Bronze
2011 NTC Open Championships  Nottingham Junior -42kgs   Silver
2010 Park Pokal International Stuttgart Cadet -40kgs   not placed
2010 Dorset Open Bournemouth Junior -46kgs   GOLD
2010 Dorset Open Bournemouth Cadet -40kgs   GOLD 
2010 Keumgang International Cup Belgium Cadet -42kgs   Bronze
2010 UTF British International Crawley Cadet -40kgs   GOLD
2010 Austrian Open Innsbruck Cadet -37kgs   not placed
2010 Windmills International Dordrecht Cadet -40kgs   Bronze
2010 Southern Championships Bournemouth Cadet -40kgs   Bronze
2010 Windmills Open Dordrecht Cadet -40kgs   Silver
2010 TCGB Chungdokwan Nationals Bracknell Cadet -41kgs   GOLD
2010 Scorpions Taekwondo Open Barnsley Cadet -39kgs   GOLD
2010 UTF British Masters Open  Crawley Cadet -35kgs   GOLD
2010 BTCB National Championships Manchester Cadet -37kgs   Bronze









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